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Foam and Craft Paper Cactus


Follow these easy steps to make an adorable framed cactus out of foam and craft paper.  BONUS: You can get everything you need at the dollar store!

1.) Dollar store picture frame (preferably 8″ x 11″ ish).
2.) Craft paper (any kind will do).
3.) 3 colored foam sheets (also available at the dollar store).
4.) Scissors.
5.) Construction paper (or whatever you’ve got – even a paper bag will survive this).
6.) Mod Podge (and foam brush).
7.) Tape.
8.) A pen or pencil.
9.) An industrial sewing machine and 57 yards of batting… just kidding. 

1.) Draw your cactus, gardening pot, and cactus blossom on your foam sheets, and then cut them out.  I just free-handed it.

2.) Use your craft paper to embellish the elements of your choice, and fix them to the foam with Mod Podge.  Brush the surface of the craft paper with Mod Podge to get a nice sheen, if desired.


3.) Once dry, start assembling your cactus, using tape.  Then, roll tape or use double-sided tape to mount the cactus on your backing (construction paper, or whatever backing you’ve decided to use).  I actually like the way rolling the tape makes the cactus look more dimensional, once framed.

4.) Mount your cactus, gardening pot, and cactus blossom on your backing and insert into frame, and enjoy!



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